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ConTemplate - server for suggesting alternative conformations for a query protein with at least one known 3D-structure

Please upload the PDB file, or enter the PDB ID, of the query:


Please note: the chain ID is case sensitive, make sure you enter the correct chain! In case there is no chain ID, use the hyphen character (-)

Please enter your MODELLER key[?]
(Leave empty if you don't want to create models)

Please enter your job name (Optional)

Please enter your email address (Optional)

Your email address will be used only to notify you about the completion of the run .

Normally, the job is completed within 3 hours. In case of server-load, the run time may be longer.

Advanced Options

1) Searching for proteins that share the query's conformation ("structural equivalents"):

RMSD Threshold:

Q-Score Threshold:

Minimal alignment coverage between the query and structural equivalents:

Maximal similarity between the query and structural equivalents:

2) Searching for alternative conformations of the query and of its structural equivalents:

Minimal sequence identity between the structural equivalents and the templates:

3) Building homology models of the query in alternative conformations:

Number of Clusters:

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