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New Features

Here are the details on the new features and latest statistics on this updated ConSurf-DB edition:
  • Updated on a set of 80,479 protein structures with total of 209,072 chains.
  • Calculations performed on the latest SWISSPROT and UniRef databases, Rate4site, CSI-BLAST and MAFFT.
  • Advanced ConSurf options - rerun the entry with advanced options.
  • Links to PatchFinder, Proteopedia, PDB, PDBsum
  • MSA color-coded by conservation.
  • MSA in both Fasta and ClustalW formats.
  • PDB files with conservation scores in the TempFactor field for Pymol or Chimera.
  • Scripts for high resolution figures and sessions for Pymol or Chimera.
  • Phylogenetic tree - online HTML viewer.

    Build statistics for the updated version of ConSurf-DB (January 2013)

    Total number of non-redundant chains processed 

    56,849 chains


    Total number of chains located within 80,479 protein structures

    209,072 chains


    First step - CS-BLAST on the SwissProt database generated

    19,834 MSAs 


    Second step - CS-BLAST on the UniRef90 database generated

    28,536 MSAs 


    Third step - CSI-BLAST (3 iterations) on the UniRef90 database

    2,418 MSAs


    Number of chains left with less than 50 unique homologues

    3,721 chains


    The median number of unique homologs collected



    Minimum and maximum number of unique homologs was set to

    50 and 300


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